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Welcome to FZL

The Labour Youth Forum was officially founded on the 14th January 1951. It has been a force bringing about change for the last sixty years, with its members not only witnessing change in Malta, but being themselves active and protagonists in re-writing the history of our nation.

In 2013, Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti played an important role in the Labour Party’s historical General Election victory with a majority of 36,000 votes. ‘I’m In’ was the official FZL campaign; undoubtedly FZL’s most outstanding campaign so far, in which our members went around Malta and Gozo to explain the Labour Party’s vision of ‘Malta for All’ (Malta Tagħna Lkoll)

After such a successful campaign, a new executive team was elected in the Extraordinary General Meeting to capitalise on the enthusiasm and achievements gained in the previous months, and press on with new ideas and projects, while continuing to be a hub for progressive young people.

The culmination of this hard work was the organisation of a number of international seminars, and the IUSY World Festival held in August 2014, through which FZL strengthened its existing relations within its European and international networks.

Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti has successfully cultivated a number of young people as the present and the future political leaders of our nation. We strive to be a strong and unequivocal voice for young people, and above all, to shape tomorrow’s world with fresh new ideas.