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Guest post | A democracy of convenience


Guest Post

In the midst of the PN asking the government to stop a private citizen from instituting a case against its shadow minister for Justice, Rights of Citizens and Democracy. Simon Busuttil and other PN top officials asked their supporters to rally in front of the Maltese courts of Justice.


As we all know by now on that day two One News journalists were attacked as well as an executive member of the labour youth forum who was insulted due to his disability.


As a person with disability myself, I ask what level of credibility do the PN top officials have when they say that this government with its actions is threatening democracy? When it’s supporters try through their actions to stifle freedom of expression and freedom of assembly and association which are part of the Convention for human rights and fundamental freedoms and two fundamental principles on which a democracy worthy of its name should be run, and they do not utter a word of disapproval five days after such deplorable acts were perpetrated.


 I honestly hope that the high standards they speak of go higher than this and that if such unfortunate events reoccur they will stand for those exercising their rights in a democratic atmosphere rather than look the other way.   

11 Apr, 16



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