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 As a student I took a short break from my studies, and contrary to what others might do, I read various blogs and newspaper websites, during which I noticed the following points:

  1. It is ironic how the opposition constantly mumbles on about transparency though it failed to this in 25 years of governance.
  2. That the opposition constantly attacks and yet never proposes. Failing to address any situation which they find to be unsuccessful with concrete alternatives.
    Failure to give credit to the ongoing progress in the economy.
  3. Journalists harassing the members of Government, sometimes even so close that if it were for them they would ride in the car alongside the Prime Minister.
    That they speak of accountability; yet they fail to mention where the nation’s money went when there was an oil scandal.
  4. The opposition constantly argues that the Panama papers is the biggest scandal in Maltese politics. Though what they fail to mention is the Swiss bank accounts, the oil scandal and the bad concrete used to build Mater Dei (which till today is costing the nation money to repair), alongside many others.
  5. That when the Labour party came to government, there were no files to show the documentation of the previous legislation. But to add insult to injury, they left the economist with a joker on its front cover.
  6. The opposition said that having labour in government would mean violence “back to the 80s”, yet it is Simon Busuttil who insists on instilling hatred in the nation. Telling people that being labour means being dirty.
  7. Simon Busutill, alongside his party, also failed to mention that the nationalist party DID NOT agree with the Civil Unions bill, and chose to abstain. Choosing not to give rights to people within the LGBT community.
  8. That as Simon Busutill himself stated, the Nationalist Party could have opted to build a gas power plant, though kept on operating on heavy fuel oil. Why? Because they found commissions to be more important than the nation’s health.
  9. A system to pay off party debt is  in place. Debt which seems to accumulate over the years, instead of depreciate. So why would I a 21 years old voter, favour someone who has no idea how to handle party financing, let alone the nation’s money over a government who is bringing economic progress and economic stability.
  10. The Nationalist Party is not only failing to present alternatives, but it is also instilling personal attacks and interfering in personal affairs such as a family life. The same party should focus more on ensuring that they have enough money to pay those working for them (giving those employees solice that they will be able to feed their family), rather than looking into family affairs of their adversaries, though this seems to be the style PN chooses nowadays as there is not much they can bang on except for family affairs, and a scandal which did not involve the nation’s money contrary to the Oil Scandal.

As a 21 year old voter, I want to see clean politics and not one full of hatred. An opposition that does offer an alternative and not one which shames Malta’s name abroad, even at the cost of trying to tarnish a person’s reputation. I respect all opinions but one must always keep in mind that two wrongs do not make a right, and that the opposition should really learn how to be less arrogant, to take on criticism and to be more proactive because at this point people will stop listening to what they have to say.

10 May, 16



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