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Trying Times

Opinion Piece by Glenn Micallef, FŻL Vice-President 

Several explosions have struck Brussels. Airports and metro stations were target and innocent civilians were hurt.
Amongst them, Maltese nationals who were headed back home for Easter holidays or to enjoy Easter break with their loved ones.

These are trying times for Europe and the world.

Paris, Ankara, Istanbul and now Brussels, a place I and a small Maltese community call or used to call home.

Although I am shocked and saddened by these attacks, I am not scared. If anything, I am angry and convinced that at the end of the day Europe will overcome these attacks and that terrorists will go down in history as the nobodies they are.

Above all, I am angry at the hate that has been and will be generated because of these attacks.

This is the time for Europe to unite. It is the time for Europe to stay strong.

It is the time to stand up and stop terrorists from triumphing.

Terrorism cannot win.

#brusselstaystrong #prayforbrussels


Glenn Micallef

Glenn Micallef


22 Mar, 16



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