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Empower Us

‘Empower Us’ was a campaign spearheaded by FZL, composed of a working group which set out to discuss the needs of persons with any form of disability. The campaign aimed to not only increase awareness regarding this sector but also to put together new ideas and opinions so that the organisation’s policy and proposals relating to this sector reflect its actual needs.

The name ‘Empower Us’ in itself serves to send a message: Everyone has his or her own abilities and all they need to further develop them is the opportunity to learn, work and live with other people. Thus it is of utmost importance that we don’t allow any lack of accessibility or misguided mentality get in the way of the development of persons with disability, especially young persons, and enable them to believe in themselves, gain a sense of empowerment and live an independent life like anyone else. The discussion was not solely focused on difficulties but success stories were also put in the limelight.

Through this campaign, the Labour Youth Forum addressed various aspects of Maltese society, such as education, work, accessibility pertaining to nightlife, amongst others. A crucial point was also the need of a more holistic involvement in decision-making, as such decisions taken by the Government and other entities affect everyone, including persons with disability.


17 Feb, 15



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