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Get Connected

Young people are not only the future but also the present. Unfortunately, there exists the perception that youths, mostly 15 to 17 year olds, are simply not interested in politics and are still too immature to be involved in any political decision making.

“Get Connected” is a new continuous campaign which aims to reach its objectives in five years’ time, at the end of the current government’s legislature. This campaign is open for all youths who want to be proactive in the political sphere, but will be especially targeting youths between the ages of 15 to 17.

This campaign aims to involve more youths and increase their participation in both FŻL and the Labour Party. Therefore, through this campaign FŻL would like to prove that young people involved in this organisation are not simply used in political campaigns for publicity’s sake, but are continuously active and involved in all political decisions. A starting aim of “Get Connected” is to educate and inform youths of the abovementioned age group while increasing their involvement in the Labour Party movement.

It is important that young people start participating in different organisations, including those political, so that they grow up to be informed and mature individuals with set political views and ideals. During the last general election campaign,  the Labour Party stated that the movement it created was open to all individuals of any age, especially youths. Nation-wide campaigns such as “Vote 16” stand as proof of this.  Those interested in the “Vote 16” campaign can visit the Facebook page:

Young people interested in the “Get Connected” campaign and wish to start getting involved and contributing their ideas can provide their details through the email: [email protected]

17 Feb, 15



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