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I’m in

‘I’m In’ was the main youth drive within the Labour Party’s general election’s campaign in 2013.

Throughout the campaign, every Thursday the Labour Party leader, Joseph Muscat met young people during televised events, both formal and informal, where they were encouraged to directly ask questions pertaining to their wants and needs.

The merchandise used in this campaign was not only red or white, but every colour, complimenting the Labour Party slogan “Malta for All”; sending a message that the Labour Party in Government would be open to everyone.

Young people were also trained to do door-to-door campaigning. They were organised to go to areas traditionally unsympathetic with the Labour Party and explain its electoral manifesto. This important activity, although not filmed, played an important role in the campaign. Saturdays were the activity days and again a group of youths geared in ‘I’m in’ hoodies stationed themselves in local squares to spread the Labour Party’s message.


17 Feb, 15



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