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IUSY World Festival 2014

This was the largest event that FZL has ever committed to; a festival that was held for the first time in Malta in August 2014. The IUSY World Festival brought together hundreds of young people from the world over, who together participated in a number of workshops discussing different themes all relevant to them, including education, work, health and nutrition, with the all-encompassing theme being poverty and solidarity.

The preparations leading up to this event started months before in order for the Ghajn Tuffieha campsite to be transformed into a village that could host the IUSY World Festival attendees, as well as the YES Bureau Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the IUSY African Committee

It was of a great pleasure for us to receive such praise from various international organisations for the planning and running of this festival, particularly German and Austrian socialist youth organisations. It was furthermore described by some as one of the best festivals ever organised.

This activity served as a platform for the Labour Youth Forum, and gave it a considerable boost on an international level.

17 Feb, 15



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