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Alex Saliba President

  • Active within FŻL since 2006.
  • Served as Secretary-General of the organisation for 5 years.
  • Elected President in 2013.  
  • Alex has a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Malta.

Locality: Tarxien

Date of Birth: 31st January 1988

Favourite TV Show/Series: Criminal Minds

Role Model: Olaf Palme 

Something on his bucket list: To travel to Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia 

Why FŻL and Partit Laburista? As a social-democrat I want to be involved in a party that believes that everyone should have a fair chance to succeed in his life; a party which strives to eradicate poverty through education and by giving opportunities to all despite their social status; a party that aims to achieve equality for all by implementing a progressive agenda which eliminates discrimination and social injustice.