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Dario Vella FŻL Districts Coordinator

  • Started to involve himself in FŻL through the campaign Charge the Vote.
  • Was elected in the executive committee in November 2014.
  • Interested in the broadcasting sector.
  • Hosted a number of radio programmes.
  • Works in the insurance sector. 
Locality: San Ġwann
Date Of Birth: 25 September 1991
Favourite TV Show/Series: Documentaries
Role Model: Steve Jobs/ Barack Obama
Something on his bucket list: Sky Diving & Exploring more countries outside Europe
Why FŻL and Partit Laburista : Partit Laburista; because I share the same ideologies and it endorses the policies which I think are the best for our country. FŻL; because it gives each and every individual within it a platform to speak up. It also sets up a professional platform (both local and foreign) for politics and laying out policies. I chose FŻL because it is one of the leading youth organisations locally, through which I can participate by sharing my ideas and working for a better future for youths like myself.