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Elaine Degiorgio Human Resources Coordinator

  • In her fourth year  at the University of Malta studying Law.
  • Since she was younger, her interest in law has always been a priority.
  • Has a Diploma in Piano Performance. 
Locality : Tarxien 
Date Of Birth: 25 April 1994 
Favourite TV show/series: Scandal
Role Model: My Family 
Something on her  bucket list: Visit countries with different cultures; Politics 
Why FŻL and Partit Laburista: Human rights is a topic close to my heart and the Labour  party has a history of protecting the most vulnerable. I believe that Social Justice is the key to a fairer society and that is what actually drove me closer to the party. Youths are not, as many say, the leaders of tomorrow but are the agents that keep the political arena fresh with new and challenging ideas. Throughout the past years, FŻL has shown that with unity and strength, youths can push forward ideas and keep the government on its toes.