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Glenn Micallef Vice-President

  • A Bachelor of Economics (Hons) graduate.
  • Served as President of social-democratic student organisation Pulse.
  • Joined FŻL in 2014.

Locality: Fgura

Date Of Birth: 30 July 1989

Favourite TV Show/Series: The Late Late Show with James Corden
Something on the bucket list: Backpacking in South America and or Australia and New Zealand.
Why FŻL and Partit Laburista: I believe that I can give some of my time back to society and be of service to my country and the Labour Party with political ideas and thoughts. It may sound somewhat bombastic but I believe that if FŻL keeps working at being a voice for young people it will remain a protagonist as it was for these past few years, and keep encouraging the party to push forward the ideals that we believe in; a fair society, a strong economy and more; and above all to have the government that Malta deserves.