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Kearon Bruno Deputy Secretary General

  • Started to involve himself in FŻL during European Parliament election campaign in 2014; Charge the Vote.
  • In the November 2014 AGM he was elected to the FŻL executive committee.
  • He is a Local Councillor in Luqa.

Locality: Luqa

Date of Birth: 6 December 1992

Favourite TV Show/Series: House Of Cards

Role Model: Warren Buffett

Something on his bucket list: Open a restaurant 

Why FŻL and Partit Laburista? Throughout the years PL strived to introduce measures that helped both  the lower and middle class while also safeguarding the interests of the upper class.  As an economist, I’m quite grateful to how PL in government has managed to address crucial challenges while also achieving encouraging economic results.  Looking forward, we must focus our effort to reduce poverty as much as possible and continue opting for a sustainable growth-friendly approach.