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Naomi Cachia Political Coordinator

  • Involved herself in FŻL through the I’m In campaign.
  • She became part of executive team in 2013.
  • Naomi is a Law Student at the University of Malta.

Locality: Rabat

Date Of Birth: 06 June, 1994
Favourite TV Show/Series: House of Cards
Role Model: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren
Something on her bucket list: Visit the White House and the Taj Mahal
Why FŻL and Partit Laburista? Two words: Civil liberties. The extraordinary achievements and progress in this area over the last 3 years are in themselves enough for me to assure myself that voting for Partit Laburista in 2013 was the right choice. There’s more to be done and I’m confident that in the next few years we will pass more milestones, not only in this sector but across the board. And, as a young woman with progressive ideals, what better vessel than FŻL is there, to make sure my voice is heard, not only amongst my peers, but by the decision-makers themselves?